Harrisburg Aikido offers numerous courses, seminars, and programs. We offer a traditional Korindo Aikido curriculum and seminars. Additionally, we offer women’s self-defense classes and group seminars. Also, we are available to offer offsite team building and conflict resolution seminars, gatherings for groups, teams, companies and corporations.

Call 717-657-3908 or email for prices and details.


Harrisburg Aikido classes are taught by its dojo cho, Brian Moore, 4th Dan, Korindo Aikido.  Moore Sensei has trained in Aikido since 1997 under David Livingston Sensei, 5th Dan, Korindo Aikido (Abbotts Aikido) and John Goss Sensei, 7th Dan, Korindo Aikido (Aiki Martial Arts Institute).

Harrisburg Aikido is affiliated with Aiki Martial Arts Institute.

Moore Sensei (Left), Goss Sensei (Center), Livingston Sensei (Right)


New Student Offer

We are pleased to announce an offer, for NEW STUDENTS ONLY, that is pretty hard to beat.  When you pay for the first month of classes, the second month is free.  That’s right, pay for the first month and get the second free! Call Moore Sensei at (717) 657-3908 or email at for more details.

Tai sabaki

Today’s seminar was a great success.  6 hours of Aikido focusing on Tai Sabaki.    Thank you to everyone who attended. A video will be made available to students who attended the seminar.  Anyone who couldn’t attend, we will be offering a way to purchase this video, more details coming soon.


Harrisburg Aikido always welcomes new members and would like to hear from you.  If you are interested in attending a class or find out more, please feel free to call Moore Sensei at (717) 657-3908 or email at